Friday, 11 February 2011

Dead Space 2

Started playing Dead Space 2 the other night and realised I hadn't posted this cover I did a while back. I've seen it pop up a few places now which was pretty cool.


  1. love dead space, and love your artwork - great stuff!

  2. amazing stuff. love this pic.

  3. gratulations to this, great work, like your blog a lot

  4. This is ace! I featured it on my blog (credited and linked back to your blog) here :
    which was then featured in the gaming section of tumblr ( the same post still credited and linked) :)
    (hope you don't mind!)

  5. Great character designs and the rest is just stellar as well. I've seen your art around and you are truly an inspiration. So crisp it hurts my lobes, all of them :3

    Thanks for sharing.